Stand Screw and Hole Cap Replacement Kit


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This kit includes 1 vertical stand screw and 2 screw hole caps to serve as a replacement for the official parts needed to use the PlayStation 5 with the vertical stand. The Screw is Metal and the Caps are Nylon. *** The color of the hole cap is black and is not an exact match to the PS5 plastic. ***

49 in stock

49 in stock

A little more info...

You asked for it. I made it.

The perfect kit to replace what you have lost.

I’m presenting you with a replica stand screw and two custom designed 3D printed hole cap replacements for the PlayStation 5. This idea came to me as the viewers of my videos and a few Reddit posts looking to find these replacement parts could find nothing, except for maybe a tacky screw and washer.

The hole cap was designed and modeled by me to be a perfect fit into the tiny hole on the PS5. I sent off a few test variations to be 3D printed to make sure the best design was chosen for you. These are made in the USA right in American Falls, Idaho.

I tried looking for a local supply of screws but nothing really “fit” right to me. Luckily I found a reliable source that already had the exact dimensions needed for just this use. It’s almost as if they had friends who already made it!

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